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FAQs - Summit Seeker Adventure Race

What can we expect at the New Name Adventure Race?

The Summit Seeker Adventure Race is a single-day race that you (and your teammate) can complete when the time suits you best. This race is hosted virtually, however, the race itself must be completed between June 25-July 3, 2022. This race will involve biking and running/trekking and include overland navigation. 

Is the course the same for everyone?

Yes, this race will have a designated set of check points and you will receive race instructions, maps, check points and all necessary information beforehand so you can plan your routes accordingly. We know some variables such as weather (wind, precip, etc.) won't be the same for everyone, but we are focusing our efforts to develop the best adventure racing experience we can and this method has allowed us to introduce AR to others in a non intimidating way. 

Do you need Strava like we did for the AFWSR?

No, not this time. Although we think Strava is great and encourage you to use it, we'll be using a different method to ensure you've made it to the CPs. Additional information and requirements will be released in the race instructions.

I'm new to adventure racing, is this for me?

YES, this race is for you! Though we'd love to be developing a race where teams can face off head-to-head, a race hosted virtually is the perfect opportunity to go out and test your skills with your teammate. There is very little stress compared to a conventional adventure race, given that you can decide when to race and if something goes astray along the way you can always come back another day (during the given time frame) and begin again. 

Navigation? I get lost in my own house!

Well it’s a good thing that the race isn’t until June! We’ll be hosting a handful of small-group navigation clinics in the near future. Keep an eye on our Master Classes page for more details. Remember, our goals is to create safe and challenging race for athletes of all abilities, so a basic understanding of how to read a map and use a compass will go a long way. 

What categories are there on Race Day and how many people are on a team?

Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible when it comes to our community. As a result, we will have Male, Female, Co-Ed and Non-Binary categories for all our races. We see you.. and you belong in our events! The Summit Seeker can be completed as an individual or in a team of two. 

Can I use my e-bike?

Sadly not this time! We are planning an event in areas that (at the moment) prohibit the use of e-bikes. We still welcome you out to our clinics and events with your e-bike. Please reach out and we'd be happy to talk you through the event a bit more in the event you still want to register. 

Hey, wait a minute, couldn't someone cheat?

Yup, sure could. Fortunately there are no grandios prizes for first place (none in fact) and they'll only be cheating themselves in the end. If we suspect someone (or a team) of cheating, there are ways to determine the authenticity of their efforts - we just hope we don't have to do so. Also, at this point, we are planning to give recognition to placing teams and individuals, but prizing will be kept to the draw-type for everyone's benefit!

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