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So what really is the Arctic Fox Winter Stage Race? - Part 1

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

It's getting closer to winter and you are craving another opportunity to race. The days are shorter and certainly colder than before and yet all your gear sits waiting for you to head out the door. Shorter days and colder temperatures are not the norm for an AR but after all, your desire to adventure isn't all that normal either when you think of it.

Fortunately the Arctic Fox Winter Stage Race might just be one of the races to tie you over until the days get longer again and the 'typical' AR calendar begins to fill up.

Here's a brief rundown of the race...

The Arctic Fox Winter Stage Race is a virtual-style race that you (and a teammate if you'd like) are able to complete in February. We're going to provide your team with maps and eventually a series of check points that you have to head out and find. We'll let you know where the Start and Finish are and how each Stage of the race needs to be completed (biking or running). You'll use Strava to capture your time and enter the controls from each CP onto a control card so we can confirm you've completed the race - that easy! Actually, we've even made it so you can just participate in the discipline of your choosing - but we think you'd be better off attempting all three stages.

Let's talk you through how this might look for you and your teammate.

In January we'll have you come pick up a racer package. Within that package will be three (almost) blank maps, one for each stage (unless you only sign up for one or two stages), and a few other items to help make your Rocky Mountain Adventure Racing experience a fun one. You can study these maps. Heck, if you'd like, you can head out to the location and run around getting familiar with the area and maybe even getting used to the scale of the map. If we are feeling nice, we might even let you know where either the start or finish will be in advance.

Once February comes along, we'll send you the check points for each of the three maps. This is where the fun begins! You and your teammate can get together and plan your routes - remember AR involves clever navigation decisions and to go fast, sometimes you need to go slow! When you feel ready, you can head out and do one, two or all three Stages during a time that suits you best! We'll provide you with some more detailed instructions in your racer package but we hope you get the idea. The goal is that you complete each of the stages in the three weeks identified in February and submit your results - volia, you have raced the Arctic Fox!

So what do you think? Up for the challenge?

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