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Trip Planning

Rocky Mountain Adventure Racing presents the Rocky Mountain Adventure Race.

Racers will bike, trek and paddle using map and compass to find various check points along the way to the finish line. 

Race Information


Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible when it comes to our community. As a result, you can participate in a team of 2, 3 or 4, in either Male, Female, Co-Ed and Non-Binary categories. Also, as a nod to our Military and Emergency Services community we've created an additional category for you - reach out to your crew and see if they'll accept the challenge. 

Racer Check-In

All racers will be required to check in the evening before the race. Here, racers will receive racer packages, maps, complete necessary paperwork and mingle with other teams. 


The Rocky Mountain Adventure Race will be 6-9 hours in length. We'll be using a mix of point-to-point navigation and Rogain-style navigation for each leg of this event. Racers should have an intermediate level of physical fitness in each discipline and be comfortabe in the outdoors for extended periods.


This is a typical sprint-style adventure race designed for the first time racer and the experienced alike. Teams will receive topographic maps with various check points that they need to find enroute to the finish line, while trekking, mountain biking or paddling. In some cases, there will be advanced check points, or long course options to challenge the experienced teams in the mix. 

Still have some more questions? Head over to our FAQ page where we've gathered some of our most frequent. Still have more? That's okay, give us a call or send us an email and we'll get back to you with some answers.


This is a semi-supported event where participants will be required to drop off gear the night before the race, or morning of (details TBC closer to event) and the Race Organization will support in moving equipment during the event. Teams can expect to drop off their bike (and a gear box for biking gear) and a paddle bag (maximum 2 per team) the morning of the race.


The Rocky Mountain Adventure Race will include three disciplines - mountain biking, running/trekking and paddling inflatable watercraft. Important, however, is your ability to navigate using a map and compass. This race will challenge team's physically ability and their ability to navigate while on the move. See more below. 



Registration is open soon! We have limited the number of spots available. Our friends at RaceRoster will be handling our registration process!  

Cost is $150/pp

Mandatory Gear

This Mandatory Equipment List is NOT a list of the only items you should take. It contains the mandatory items that you and your team must carry with you, at specified times, to meet minimum safety requirements.

Check out the Mandatory Gear List here.



Teams will trek overland on a mixture of established regional paths, hiking and mountain bike trails and, where experience allows, through bush or across streams.


Mountain Biking


Like the types of trails teams will be trekking on, mountain biking will occur on similar trails. It’s important that teams have a reasonable confidence mountain biking on varied terrain that can be found in the West Bragg Trail system. Teams will ride single track, double track, paved, gravel and, at times may be required to, hike-a-bike. *Mountain bikes only are allowed for this race – no cyclocross or gravel bikes.




Teams will be paddling on sections of the Elbow River. Yes, it’s September and the Elbow River will have low flow. Paddling may be intermittent in sections of the river that offer enough depth and flow depending on the type of vessel teams are using. Teams may have to portage sections along the river or may even find portaging low flow sections more advantageous. This offers a safe opportunity for teams (and those that are first time racers) to tackle the discipline of paddling during an adventure race. *Inflatable rafts, etc. (must be inflatable type vessels - SUPs, Packraft, Dinghy) will be the responsibility of individual teams and will be transported by the race organization between transition areas. 

Race Weekend Tentative Schedule

Friday - Bragg Creek Community Centre

5:00pm Friday Volunteer Check-In

5:30 - 8:30pm Racer Check-In & Map/Racer Package Pick-Up

7:00 - 8:00pm Race Briefing


5:30am Gear Drop Opens (Bike, Gear Box, Paddle Bag) - 

The Handle-Bar Cafe

6:00am Last Minute Racer Package Pick-Up 

8:00am Race Start - Location TBA

2:00-5:00pm Race Finish 

5:00pm Race Course Closes

6:00pm Awards Banquet 

8:00pm Post-Race Party 

Contact us for more information!
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