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Our Rocky Mountain Adventure Racing Ambassadors are equal parts adventurous, humble and kind. They each have their own venturesome lifestyles, yet find the same passion for their family and friends. We couldn't be more grateful to have them in our corner and we look forward to you rubbing shoulders with them at our events. 

Jack of all trades and master of all of them, Lava St.Germain is an expert at turning dreams into goals and those goals into reality. Laval is the type of adventurer who knows what it takes to unzip the tent door and step out from high camp on Everest for a cold, gasping trip to the summit, or to shove off the dock to row alone across the North Atlantic Ocean.

Whether Laval is landing a Boeing 737 on a remote northern airstrip or ski mountaineering in a high altitude mountain range, he recognizes we can also find some fantastic adventure right here in our own back yard.


Emma is a mountain running athlete for Arc'teryx, and an all 'round outdoor explorer. She thrives when the going gets tough, and is passionate about others challenging what they think their limits are. 

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Katrina Rosen

Katrina Rosen loves the outdoors and is the author of With You By Bike. Along with her husband Mike, they’ve raised their son to believe it’s entirely normal to sleep in huts and tents as often as your own bed, and to spend as much time as possible biking, skiing, hiking, and playing.

Eager to share her passions and inspire others, Katrina works as a guide in the Rocky Mountains, opening up her guests’ minds to the forgotten possibilities in life. When she’s not roaming through the wilderness or competing in ridiculously long races, she can be found curled up by a fire with a cup of coffee, staring over maps and dreaming up adventures.

Katrina lives in Canmore, Alberta, Canada with her family.

Christian Stenner

Explorers seek to push boundaries to add to our collective knowledge of the world.  As an explorer Christian Stenner has contributed to the exploration of Canada’s longest and deepest caves, and to the rare and incredible environments of glaciovolcanic caves.  Which is exactly how it sounds.  Caves.  In glaciers. On active volcanoes, with passages in ice formed by volcanic gas and steam.  


You can also find him on the ultramarathon circuit where he runs slowly but surely at race distances up to 200km. Part of the reason for that passion is to push physical and mental boundaries while experiencing the amazing scenery and trails we have available to us.

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