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Rocky Mountain Adventure Racing presents the Summit Seeker Adventure Race occuring in September 2023. Located in the foothills west of Bragg Creek, racers will bike and trek using map and compass to find various check points along the way to the finish line. 

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Race Information


Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible when it comes to our community. As a result, you can participate solo or in a team of two, in either Male, Female, Co-Ed and Non-Binary categories. Also, as a nod to our Military and Emergency Services community we've created an additional category for you - reach out to your crew and see if they'll accept the challenge. 

Race Package

Racer Packages will be available during the week leading up to the race. More information coming soon.


The Summit Seeker Adventure Race will be 3-5 hours in length. We'll be using a mix of point-to-point navigation and Rogain-style navigation for each leg of this event. 


The format of the race will be a single day event. More information coming soon. 

Still have some more questions? Head over to our FAQ page where we've gathered some of our most frequent. Still have more? That's okay, give us a call or send us an email and we'll get back to you with some answers.


More information coming soon!


The Summit Seeker will include two  disciplines - mountain biking and running/trekking. Important, however, is your ability to navigate using a map and compass. This race will challenge team's physically ability and their ability to navigate while on the move.


Coming Soon.

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