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What is Adventure Racing?

We created Rocky Mountain Adventure Racing because we wanted to see the adventure racing community grow in and around Calgary. For many, the concept of adventure racing is completely new, but the ability to ride a bike, run and maybe even navigate using a map and compass is not. 

Finding like-minded people who enjoy this type of racing can be challenging and we hope by creating Rocky Mountain Adventure Racing, you'll find your fit. 

So, the grand question is 'what is adventure racing'? Check out this amazing video by WinShape Teams and Story First Creative Agency to give you a beautiful intro to the sport.  

What did you think of that video? Amazing, right?!

We agree!

Now don't worry, we know the examples shared in the video are international in nature and may even look extreme, but our goal is to create an event for everyone.  Heck, you know as well as we do that we can find the same beauty and challenge in our own backyard in and around Calgary!

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