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Team Silva | Rocky Mountain AR

Teamwork that makes this dream work!

Our Story

Team Rocky Mountain AR is a dynamic group of adventurers who come together to tackle the challenges of adventure racing under the Rocky Mountain AR banner. With a wealth of experience across various races, they embody the spirit of the sport through their commitment to having fun, racing safely, and pushing their mental and physical boundaries. Their mantra—"Have fun, race safe while pushing mental and physical limits, and be role models in the sport"—guides everything they do.


The team is a diverse mix of individuals, including race organizers, seasoned adventurers, fearless explorers, and all-around good people who share a passion for the outdoors and the thrill of competition. Their camaraderie and enthusiasm make them a standout group, both on and off the racecourse.


What Sets Team Rocky Mountain AR Apart


Experience and Passion: Team Rocky Mountain AR has raced together in a variety of adventure races, building strong bonds and a deep understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This experience allows them to strategize effectively and support each other through the toughest of challenges.


Role Models in the Sport: As role models, they inspire both new and seasoned racers with their positive attitude, determination, and sportsmanship. They are dedicated to promoting the values of adventure racing and encouraging others to participate and push their own limits.


Mid-Pack Masters: Typically, you can find Team Rocky Mountain AR comfortably sitting in or near the top of the mid-pack. They balance competitiveness with a genuine love for the sport, ensuring they enjoy every race, regardless of where they place.


Always Smiling: Whether they are leading the charge or overcoming setbacks, Team Rocky Mountain AR members are always smiling. Their joy for the sport is infectious, making every race an enjoyable experience for themselves and those around them.


Join Us!


At Rocky Mountain AR, we believe in the power of teamwork and the importance of having fun while pushing our limits. Team Rocky Mountain AR exemplifies these values perfectly. So, if you see us out on the trails, don’t hesitate to say hello! We're always excited to meet fellow racers and share the adventure.


See you out there!


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