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FAQs - Summit Seeker Adventure Race

What can we expect at the Summit Seeker Adventure Race?

The Summit Seeker Adventure Race is a single-day race designed for you (and a teammate). This race is hosted at the Canmore Nordic Centre and will occur concurrently to the Western Canadian Youth Adventure Racing Championship. This race will involve biking, running/trekking, rappelling and include overland navigation, as well as additional disciplines/skills (which will be announced soon). 

I'm new to adventure racing, is this for me?

YES, this race is for you! We've intentionally designed the course so those new to AR will succeed and those with race experience will be challenged just the same. Additionally, we'll be hosting clinics we call Master Classes leading up to the Summit Seeker Adventure Race to help you get prepared, so keep an eye out for these soon. 

Navigation? I get lost in my own house!

Well it’s a good thing that the race isn’t until September! Like we mentioned, we'll be hosting a handful of small-group navigation clinics in the near future. Keep an eye on our Master Classes page for more details. Remember, our goals is to create safe and challenging race for athletes of all abilities, so a basic understanding of how to read a map and use a compass will go a long way. 

What categories are there on Race Day and how many people are on a team?

Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible when it comes to our community. As a result, we will have Male, Female, Mixed and Open categories for all our races. We see you.. and you belong in our events! The Summit Seeker Adventure Race will be teams of 2. 

Can I use my e-bike?

Sadly not this time! We still welcome you out to our clinics with your e-bike. Please reach out and we'd be happy to talk you through the event a bit more in case you still want to register. 

Okay, I'm keen to give this a go, but I need to train. Can you help?

Sure can! Click here for our exclusive Train Like an Adventure Racer 12-Week SSAR Training Plan Example

Hey, wait a minute, I think I have a few more questions.

Perfect, we're here for them! Reach out to us through email or on social media and we'll help you out!

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