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From CP9, with gratitude

Where do I begin?

Not at CP9, that's for sure.

Actually, I have no idea the moment it really clicked. It may have been just after the race began on Saturday, at some point early on Sunday morning or maybe it was looking around while at the Wrap-Up Party. Wherever, or whenever the moment was, I had a clear thought that the Arctic Fox Winter Stage Race & FamJam wouldn't have been possible without the help of my family and close friends.

Of course the support of family and friends is often cited in short order after an event, but each of them really did play such a critical role in the success of making all this possible.

Whether it was organizing all the shopping the week before, greeting folks as they checked in, putting up CPs at unruly hours in the morning or being out on course long after the last finisher to collect CPs, there is a team of people that I can't thank enough. Their efforts go largely unnoticed because they all do it so selflessly and without any desire to be recognized.

Because of all their efforts, and of course yours and your trust in Rocky Mountain AR, I had a chance to wear this smile. A smile that was reflective of the community that got together this past weekend to contribute to something special.

For all that and more, I'm grateful.

Thank you!


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