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You're signed up...that was the easy part!

Actually, all things considered, that's a pretty hard step when you think about it. Committing to a race can be challenging for a bunch of reasons - so congratulations on taking this step!

But now you're asking, 'now what'?

The good news is there is still a lot of time to prepare! We're going to share some of our ideas of how to prepare. Hopefully this will help set your mind at ease....a little bit. We'll be sure to circle back to this conversation since we know this really isn't an exhaustive start.

First things first (and maybe the focus of this post for now) is navigation. The art of getting to know your way around a map and compass and how to put that knowledge to use.

Here is a video from REI that you can check out as a starting point.

A few items to maybe set your mind a bit more at ease.

  • the Arctic Fox Stage Race will usually be in (or very close to) cellular reception - in the event you ever felt really lost.

  • Rocky Mountain Adventure Racing races and events won't require navigation at night. I know, it likely went without saying, but some folks may have been worrying

  • You don't need a super fancy compass, but something you can use to shoot a bearing is important.

  • Don't stress if you don't know what a bearing is....we'll get there!

Okay.. you might have a bit of homework now. And if that only means you went out and found a compass...that's a good step for the moment.

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