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Arctic Fox Winter Stage Race


​The following equipment is mandatory for each individual racer (unless otherwise noted) to carry during the entire Arctic Fox Winter Stage Race:

  • Space Blanket

  • Whistle

  • Pocket knife

  • Cell Phone (1 per team)

  • Compass (1 per team)

  • Official Race Bib




The following items, or related items, are either strongly recommended by Rocky Mountain Adventure Racing Inc. or assumed to be an inferred requirement as competitors must have an understanding of adventure racing, the activities they will be participating in, and general outdoor adventure knowledge and experience. 

  • Personal medications (for example EpiPen/epinephrine, bronchodilator/Ventolin) permitted analgesics, therapeutic medicines, medical insurance certificates (for visiting competitors), allergy or illness identification tags, sun protection.

  • Money/ Credit card, personal identification card

  • Personal race clothing and footwear suitable for extreme conditions (including accessories such as hats/ gloves, eye protection, watch)

  • Backpacks and water carrying containers/ bladders/ bottles.

  • Foods and sustenance, sufficient for the duration of the race, including emergency quantities.

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